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I have always considered myself to be a creative person, and I LOVE to scavage thrift stores, junk stores and Goodwill looking to fulfill that obsession!! It really is an obsession, you know what I'am talking about!! LOL

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hey everyone!   I am going to share my bedroom with you all today.  I finally got it in presentable condition!! Only took me a year!! 

I cati-cornered the bed off centered the wall.  This bed belonged to my Grandmother, and it is sooo heavy.  I had to buy a new mattress and box spring set though. 
I used pieces of an old wedding dress I picked up at goodwill, and a fluffy skirt and 2 baby dresses and some wedding veils (sp) for window treatments over the blinds. I didn't buy anything new for this room..just used what I had, and I think it looks fine.
On the right side of the room is an old french dresser I found also at goodwill, a wicker vanity..also a goodwill find and my husbands granny's old chair.  I hope you enjoyed looking at my room!!!  Take Care!!!  Rhonda
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