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I have always considered myself to be a creative person, and I LOVE to scavage thrift stores, junk stores and Goodwill looking to fulfill that obsession!! It really is an obsession, you know what I'am talking about!! LOL

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Well, its almost time, and I hate it!!  Packing up my lovelies and moving.  Just down the road a little ways, from one little town to the next, but, I still hate it!!!!  I have stuff everywhere.......You never really know how much stuff you have...untill you move.  Its true!!!!!

Most of this stuff, all junked up here, is going in a huge yard sale...

I can't wait till its over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ready for the Gaudy Chicken?? 
I had bought this chicken topiary a while back at a Cracker Barrel Restaraunt.  I had a lot of costume jewerly left over from the jewelry wreaths I made from my grandmaw's stash, after she passed. :(  So I decided, what the heck!!  and here she is!!  In all of her Gaudy Glory!!  Gaudy Girdie!!!!
I spray painted her..hot glued jewely on, added ribbon swirled around and a smig of lace here and there.  She is sitting on my chest of drawers in my room.....don't want to scare my dogs too much.  LOL
Iam gonna try and link to My Romantic Home, You can get to her blog to see other nifty stuff, by her button my my sidebar. 

Friday, May 21, 2010


I have to tell you guys, This was hard.  I really, really love giving people stuff..crazy..but, I would rather give stuff, than get stuff!! (well most of the time!!).   I truly thought I would be able to choose without using the random.org thingie, but....NOT!!!!  So.........1 out of 15 entries...the number was 5.....the 5th person to post was........Melissa of My Cottage Charm!!!  Melissa, send me your address via e-mail.  I hope you like your new/old stash!!!!  Congrats!!  


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where are you gonna put that?

Honestly, If someone else asks me that question again......I'll just go off on them!!  Seriously, don't ya just get sick of it??
Iam gonna put it where I want to put it alright??  aaarrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!
This old door was a roadside find.  I finally got around to doing something with it.  I painted it pale blue and white, well, more like a whitewashed effect.  Hung 4 hooks on the sides, added a shelf painted the same blue, hung a double hook in the middle top to hang stuff on.  It is holding this wood and iron thingie at the moment.  I have a small table Iam working on sanding and painting that I will be attaching to the bottom for more shelving and to make it freestanding.  My old wicker planter and wreaths are filling the spot temporarily.  Iam posting this for Show and Tell Friday @ Cindy's. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Give A Way for my AWESOME Follower Friends!!

I really just want to say "Thanks" to all of you Great Ladies who are following my blog.  I don't post every day, but, I really appreciate the awesome comments you give!!  I really love reading other's blogs too!  I truly wish I could meet all of you and give big hugs!!  As I was putting this together and thinking of a theme, (cause I wanted something everyone would hopefully like), I started looking around and found these things I have had tucked away, like, this oh so pretty Rose Shower Curtain, with verigated roses and pretty greens, on a creamy background,  and this vintage set of 6 very pale Pink Table Linens, (with a stain or two), a large creamy Rose Candle, a vintage rose printed Tin Container, 2 awesome Rose Ornaments that can be used any time of the year, 1 oh so pretty, Vintage Rose Plate, a small Container of Roses, a small Rose Pediment, and a awesome "Antique Roses for the South" Book, with beautiful pictures and all sorts of information pertaining to roses!!!   
I have no real requirements to enter, just leave a comment, and please consider following.  I reserve the right to chose the winner any way I deem important to me!! 

Thanks Ladies!!  BTW, Nothing in my give a way is "NEW", so if you want "NEW", don't enter!!  Good Luck!!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Mantel Arrangment Whites and Silver

For White Wednesday this week I thought I would share my new Fireplace Mantel arrangement.  Some of the same stuff, but some different!  The giant clock, (that works), came from GW a few trips ago!!  I was excited about that one, 2.00!!  I added a few of my Trophy cups that Iam tring to collect, (they are hard to find), Same 2 busts, I also found the Eiffel Tower at GW, and painted it white, there is a little rhinestone pin the says "Paris" there too, can't see it though.  There is also a silverplate wine bucket up there, the great thing about it, is not the price, as I paid 20.00 for it, it is that it is engraved: INCA'S 25th 1981.  Inca is a Mardi Gras association here in the Mobile area.  It was probably used at the ball that year.  There is also a hand made Amish Barn Star, one of a set of three, and a few other little thingies.  I have tried to de-clutter around here a few times, yard sales and consignments.....but, only to fill er up again,  Its kinda like I feel nekked without a certain amount of stuff...It makes me feel COZY, yea, thats it!! COZY!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Goodwill and Church Sale

Hey yall!  I don't know about your local Goodwill, but, at mine, if you spend 10.00 or more you get a blue card.  Every 10.00 after that, you get your card marked.  When you fill up your blue card, you get to buy 20.00 worth of stuff for FREE!!.  I Stopped 2 days ago with a full card and saw this chair.  It was marked 30.00.  I waited till the next day and asked if they would take 20.00 for it, and they did, so I actually got the chair for free.  The seat and arm covers were a little dirty, I took a chance and machine washed on gentle and cold water, and they turned out fine.  There is 1 button in the tufting missing, but, I will deal with that later.  I also picked up these 2 small plates and some donuts...(not pictured) and a church sale...the rhinestone star pin 1.99 and the necklace faux pearl necklace 1.00 , and the bottle 1.00 at Goodwill.  Seriously, if you looked at my debit card statement...you would shutter and all of the Goodwill debits!!  Ignore the background. I took these pictures in my garage!!  Later Gators!!  Rhonda