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I have always considered myself to be a creative person, and I LOVE to scavage thrift stores, junk stores and Goodwill looking to fulfill that obsession!! It really is an obsession, you know what I'am talking about!! LOL

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I was in your store today and found out that you will not be giving any more store credits or exchanges...Hummmmm.....So what the heck is up with that....You have people off the street, and several stores, that GIVE stuff to you for you to make a profit on.  Now, Mr. Goodwill,  As much as I like your store, I really must complain.  You have already stopped the blue value card program, (and might I say, you should have been a fly on the wall when you announced that one!)  You have lost and are loosing lots of customers because of your ridiculous prices...(on your free stuff), and, really, how about all of those folks who just walk out with their buggies loaded...with out paying????  (Saw that one with my own eyeballs!!) Oh yes, Mr Goodwill, It was one of your needy employee's granddaughter!!   I bought a pair of pants a few days ago, tried to exchange them, (this was before the new you), and would not, because, I forgot my receipt..I just sorta flung them back at ya!  Sorry cashier, wasn't your fault, hope you were able to get that button out of your eye!!  Any how,  Mr Goodwill, although I probably will still shop in your store... because I am a addict, I can guarantee you this, It will not be nearly as often!! 
Thanks for the memories Mr. Goodwill, I will never forget you!!!

Although I have made a joke of this.. It is all true!!  What do you guys think????
A couple of pictures of stuff I have on ebay right now!!! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Love Chicken Wire and JUNK!!

O.K.  I know these chicken wire cloche's, have been done before, but, you know how I'am such a copycat!  It really is not as easy, as it looks..Its supposed to be easy, but, after the gloves kept getting in my way, I took them off and got all scratched up.....but, I got them made.  I just connected the whole length of wire, twisted at where I wanted to divide and make 2, cut them apart with wire snips, and glued the finials to cover the very ruff top, a little ribbon and burlap, and several boo boo's, WALAH!!!  Done. 
After looking all over for a old house turbine, I find out that my dad had 3 at his house.  Yippie!!!  He surprized me, and sent them via my Brother in law, after a recent hunting trip.  I scrubbed one all up, took off the bottom thingie, and sat it on top of the fridge......I Like IT!!  I also have an old dismanted outside light cage and an trouble light cage just waiting to cloche something! 
Golly Gee, I LOVE Cloche's!! 
Iam gonna try to link to Missy @ http://mycottagecharm.blogspot.com/
Thanks for reading my little sniplet's!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Changes and Makings

 I get really bored, really fast...so I changed my mantel around, yet again!  I strung clock faces on brown velvet ribbon and hung them on shutters, I filled an iron cache pot with my cross collection,
 This is the other side of the mantel.  Mercury glass, silver plated urn filled with feathers, I attached webbing to an empty frame and attached a few things with small clothe's pins, and a re-print of the Sistine Madonna.  (please ignore the lighter, I did not see it while I was taking the pic)
                                      The whole mantel in one shot.  Not sure of the wing up there,  what do you think?  Any suggestions for that spot?????
                        One of my drop cloth covered and stenciled chairs, and 2 dropcloth pillows.  Is dropcloth one word, or two?????
                    I made the wreath with a form and jute webbing!!  I LOVE that stuff!!  This wall is full of my white mirrors.  More to come....Stay Tuned!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Just trying to stay warm and some randomness

I still can't get over how fast time is moving..I feel like Iam getting left behind!!

Iam feeling like i really need to start saving for my oh, soo badly desired trip to Paris!!  I gotta start fulfilling my bucket list..before its too late!!

Until I can actually get to Paris..I'l just show you some of my piddlin's.

                           I found this Pottery Barn Star at Goodwill for 2.99!!   
         I made this Union Jack pillow from left over drop cloth and webbing.  I also covered 6 dining room chairs with the same drop cloth and webbing.
I also sold my blue cabinet to a friend and replaced it with an old industrial metal desk thingie..(can only see the top in this picture)  and also added the 2 shelves above it.
I had 4 other pictures for this post...I rotated them and they still loaded sideways.....I will work on them and post about that stuff later! 
Stay warm and take good care!!  Rhonda