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I have always considered myself to be a creative person, and I LOVE to scavage thrift stores, junk stores and Goodwill looking to fulfill that obsession!! It really is an obsession, you know what I'am talking about!! LOL

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Last Baby/Treasures and Trinkets

I searched all over this house for my angel baby the other day.  I finally found her in a box in the GARAGE! Yuck,  I thought she was in my closet!  She was a fright!
Her hair was everywhere, a leg was off, not to mention her head!  I cleaned her up, replaced her limbs,  and washed her hair.  Her little PJ's were dirty and coming apart at the seams, so I washed and mended those.  Cleaned up her little bed that I found on e-bay, and now she looks pretty again!  I must have cut here hair at some point, but, I really don't remember doing it!!  Her name is Baby-Grow-a-Tooth, and I have had her since I was 9 years old!~!  So she is my treasure for this week at Treasures and Trinkets Thursday at My Cottage Charm!  Go Check it out!!  Use her button on my sidebar!!  

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Found Respect

All of you lovely ladies who venture into the world of
tying wreaths, I feel for your fingers!  I made one, but, I thought I was gonna loose a finger or two before I finished.  Most likely will not make another!!  I made this one with a wire form, muslin, toole and lace. 
 The 2nd picture is a pillow is just finished made from 2 aqua cloth table napkins, a crochet doily, lace and ribbon, and a rhinestone button,  It looks sorta lopsided in the picture, but not.  I have been trying to put those breaks in here to separate these pictures, but, I can't make it work.  I'll figure it out eventually!!

Thanks,  Rhonda 

Thursday, April 22, 2010


While killing time before picking up wildman from school, I stopped by a local furniture store to ask about some china cabinet glass.  They did not have the glass, but I did find out what I needed to ask for when I did find it.  Anyhow, I was on my way out, and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this awesome wood carved chair!!  And it was half price for $69.00!!  I could not leave without it!!  it now resides (for now) beside my fireplace.  Ignore the stuff behind it, as they are waiting for a permanent spot.  I will most likely cover the seat, and it is already a great distressed shade of off white!!  It is part of my birthday money I was given by the hubs.  Still got some left to spend!!  Show you that stuff later!!  Rhonda

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding Gown Ruffles in the shower!!

Go ahead, just try and guess what this is?  Give Up?  O.K.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cute Pin Cushion From an Old Candle

I made this pin cushion from a old candle container.  Its made of cement coated terra cotta.  I used a round styrofoam ball, covered it with quilt batting and then fabric, stuck it in the container with hot glue, embellished it with, a silver thimble, pins and buttons, then added various ribbons and lace.  A good re-use of a still worthy item.