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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pictures of the "New/Old House"

Ignore the dust!!added the ledge when closed in
Hi All....I was finally able to fix this dinosaurus rex, and now up and going again.  I took some pictures of the house as I have been trying to get it all sorted out.  Almost done, but, not quite.  I have been sifting things out as I decorate.  This house is older..but, much bigger,  bigger is much better.  The house we left was built by my deceased MIL and left to my husband.  We moved in over 2 years ago and rented this one..oh gosh..what a mistake.  NEVER rent your house!!!!  Anyhow we are back here and feels almost like we never left!!  Here are some pictures.....The brick you see is the former outside wall of the house..we added this room and a 3 bay garage several years ago.  Hubs has decided to sell the MIL house,  so we will be here for a long time..again.  I will have more pictures as I continue to sift!!  Rhonda


  1. Ummmmm, what dust?!!! LOL

    What a charming area in your home. I love older homes.

    My Show n Tell is 'showing off the flowers...". Do come by if you have time today, I'd love to have you visit with me.

    Hootin' Anni's SHADES OF SUMMER

  2. Good luck unpacking. Everything looks great!

  3. hello sweet Rhonda! :)
    Did you get my comment telling you I got my lovely box? i can't believe you wrapped each little gift individually..that's just the sweetest thing! Oh and I LOVED that paper...hydrangeas are some of my very favorite flowers. :) I have found places for most of my lovely new items too. Thanks again! :-)
    I love your new/old house! I adore older homes...mine is only 7 years old and I hate that it doesn't have much of a history, but it is nice to have nice smooth walls and straight floors. I remember living in older houses when I was younger and the floors were unlevel and the walls had defects. :) I don't mind that stuff too much though, it gives a house character.
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Love & hugs

  4. Happy Friday! I am stopping by via the linky party.

    Your home looks utterly charming!


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