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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Few Pictures with My New Camera

Sorry I havent been around...my camera up and died on me and I just got another from my oldest son for Christmas.  I wanted to go ahead and post a few Christmas pictures..not many..not to bore anyone.  I wish this aluminum tree would show up better than this..it really looks much prettier in person. 

     I had landscaping burlap around the bottom as a skirt..but, my weiner dog decided to weewee on it, and I took it up!
     Never mind my ugly kitchen..(Just look at the weiner!)
   I did not have the drive to decorate much this year..bad new runs rampant around here at Christmas-time.
I will be back with my awesome new present and some other goodies! 


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  1. Happy New Year Rhonda!!! I don't think your kitchen looks ugly at all, your house looks darling and I love your tree!

    I haven't been so good at keeping my blog up lately either...I've run out of material!

    Anyway, nice to see you pop in and I hope you'll be back soon:)


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