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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Problem

I....have a problem.  At least thats what my family tells me.  But,  as we all know..some folks just don't get it!  I NEED to have a cozy environment, other wise I would probably go nutty.  There are 2 or 3 styles of decor I have fell for, and I have tried to combine them all in 1 house.  I am constantly moving and changing and purging.  The only thing is, although purging is a good thing, I always replace with other things.  Its a constant rotation untill I get just the way I want it.  But, do we ever get it just the way we want it?  There is always something we (I) just haft to have!
My family calls me a hoarder...But, they have never seen those hoarding shows on TV.....so, Iam not a hoarder.  Over the years, I have had several different styles of decor, such as Traditional, Asian, Cutesie country, French County......untill recently, I have settled on this combination of French Farmhouse Junk Style..for the lack of a better title. 
What it really is, a combination of all the stuff I like..mixed and definately NOT matched.  Just stuff.
This area is in a addition to the house..we just call it the Sunroom,  I found the vintage glider in a junk pile, and fixed it up. 
This is a wall in my Kitchen..see what I mean?  Just a mismash of styles.
No matter what it is called...I just love it!! 
What would you call it??  I would LOVE to know!!!
Take Care!  Rhonda
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  1. Rhonda,
    I think you have the correct name for your style and I LOVE it!!! You have some really neat items...love that "cool" glider and your chalkboard. After only two years...I'm changing the paint color in my kitchen and breakfast room...my daughter thinks I'm crazy...oh well...I'm sure she will want all the things that I pack away.


  2. French Farmhouse Junk LOL...too funny! I think it's ok to change accessories around, it's fun actually! I'll do certain things in my home then I'll see someone else's blog and think "Oh I want my home to look like that!". I had a wine theme in my kitchen for a couple of years and suddenly got tired of it and got rid of all my wine knick knacks.

    My MIL would go bonkers over that rooster lamp you have!!!


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