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I have always considered myself to be a creative person, and I LOVE to scavage thrift stores, junk stores and Goodwill looking to fulfill that obsession!! It really is an obsession, you know what I'am talking about!! LOL

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Old Horseshoe Make Over

I found this old horseshoe in my stash of junk and decided to do something with it.  I first sanded most of the rust off and washed it real good, let it dry, and then sprayed it with my trusty spray paint, Krylon Ocean Blue, I think thats the name of it.  After it dryed, I wrapped it with silver ribbon, making sure I had enough to make a handle.  I then added some small white silk roses and glass beads in the same color blue, a silver heart button cover and a cute little dragonfly.  The dangle's are strung together with a little fishing line, then I added the big creamy rose.  It still has 2 old nails stuck on it.  Now thats some cute junk!! 


  1. Very unique! It looks like a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

  2. How cute! What a great idea, and I love the crystal hanging there! So pretty!! Thanks for visiting me over at faithgracecrafts! I'm loving this bloggin' thang!!

  3. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Great makeover!


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